About the Artist:


As a multimedia and visual artist, I am constantly exploring mediums and subject matter to push myself creatively. My work is the expression of my thoughts, feelings, and identity.

I have a strong passion for impacting the world around me with art. I want my work to create light for everyone around the world. I want my work to educate, express, create discussions, and offer an escape for those who need it.

˗ˏˋ Come and grow with me ˎˊ˗

Community Engagement:

I first discovered my love for impacting the world around me with art when I got a student writing position for Student Health 101. I was a volunteer writer and editor during high school and my freshman year of college. In my senior year of high school, I published a hand-illustrated graphic novel about social anxiety through Student Health 101. It was then that I realized that my skill had the ability to educate and talk about things that were often ignored by society, like mental health and identity. I realized that my work could impact the local and global community around me, and I loved that.

Throughout my college career, I have worked with many local small businesses and non-profits to create branding, design, or illustration materials. This volunteer work was done individually, in groups, or in pairs. My goal with participating in community engagement was to provide my services to those who would normally not be able to afford them. For example, have seen my work transform a local domestic violence shelter’s brand and social media presence, and I am grateful to have been given that opportunity.

Work Experience:

As a full-time high school student, I worked upwards of 3 jobs at a time to support my creative interests. After working for customer service for 5 years, I meshed my hobbies and career; since May 2019, I’ve been a full time creative. I am currently a freelance designer, illustrator, and visual artist.

At Juniata College, I have been working with students to help them find and strengthen their love for creating. I worked as a peer tutor for a Digital Art, helping students learn Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. Simultaneously, I was a teacher’s assistant for Digital Video Production, helping students work through the pre-, pro, and post- production phases of creating visual media, while also teaching file organization and Adobe Premiere Pro. In January of 2019, I began working as a junior’s assistant to the Juniata College IMA Program. Together with professor Ryan Gibboney I have been revising and redeveloping class curriculums and the client application process for our community engagement classes.


I attended Massachusetts College of Art and Design from 2016-2017, and happily transferred to Juniata College in 2017. I will be graduating in May of 2020, earning a BA in Multimedia and Visual Arts.

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